Monday Mix

I was going to tell you about what I’m reading for todays mix, but since I’ve finished 2 books and haven’t started another, I’ll have to tell you about what I read instead.

The first one I finished was Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan, it’s the 2nd in the Kane Chronicles that focuses on Egyptian mythology. I loved his Percy Jackson series and I love Egyptian mythology, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work in the Kane Chronicles. I love Sadie and Carter Kane and all the stuff that happens, what I don’t like is the switching off between the two to tell the story, it breaks up the momentum and it feels drawn out.  So, after two of these, I’m calling it quits.

The other book was Domino Falls by Stephen Barnes, again good characters but the story didn’t grab me, I don’t mind post-apocalyptic tales but this one was missing something.  I only kept going because I liked the characters and wanted to know what happened to them.


I can also tell you about the National Book Critics award, I haven’t read any of the winners, but check here for a list.




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