Thursday Shorts

I decided since I’m posting a short story anyway, might as well open it up to discussion.

With the posting of the story, I’ll tell you why I chose it and perhaps  a little information about the author and/or story.  Discussion will take place in comments.  Feel free to join in anytime, even on past stories.

Our first short story open to discussion is by Ian Rankin, An Afternoon.

I picked Ian Rankin because he is on my favorite author list.
That’s basically the reason we are reading this story I found on the Booktrust UK site.

Jump in and let’s discuss.


One response to “Thursday Shorts

  1. Like I said, I love Ian Rankin, but this short story felt a bit light. Had some good description, but not much substance, for me anyway. I did come away feeling like I plodded through, just as Rab plodded through his 30 years.


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