Recommended Reading

Looking for reading recommendations? There’s an online magazine – Electric Literature – and it has started publishing Recommended Reading which they describe :

GREAT AUTHORS INSPIRE US. But what about the stories that inspire them? Recommended Reading, a magazine by Electric Literature, publishes one story a week, each chosen by today’s best authors or editors.

“Recommended Reading is released on a four week curation cycle: beginning with a story chosen by Electric Literature, followed by excerpt from an indie press, then an author recommendation, and finally a selection from a magazine’s archive. Each issue includes an editor’s note written by that week’s partner, introducing you to the work and their mission.

In this age of distraction, we’re uncovering writing that’s worth slowing down and spending some time with. And in doing so, we’re giving great writers, literary magazines, and independent presses the recognition (and readership) they deserve.”

Check them out here, you may find something wonderful to read. I’m following them on the library tumblr page , hope I find something interesting.

You can subscribe by email, rss,or follow on twitter or facebook.


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