New Author

I discovered a new author last month – Lori L. Tharps.  She wrote Kinky Gazpacho and Substitute Me.

I picked up Kinky Gazpacho because I liked the title and it has one of the things I like most – travel. Lori covers her childhood a bit but it’s mostly about trying to find that place where you feel at home and early on she randomly decided that Spain was that place. After various trials and missteps, Lori eventually gets to Spain during her college years and finds that it’s not a magical place, there is racism, and weird food and she’s still Lori even though she’s in a different place.  I loved her writing style and her sense of adventure.

I then picked up Substitute Me, a novel that explores Zora’s trying to figure out what to do with herself so she becomes a nanny till she does. This goes against all her family’s wishes for her and her education but Zora just can’t seem to settle. While working as a nanny gets caught up in the couple’s problems and only then does she find the life she wants.  The setting in Brooklyn and the real characters made this a good read.


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