House on Fortune Street by Margot Livesy

A House on Fortune Street tells a story about a suicide from four different points of view and while they all shed a light on the lives of this small group of people, it never completely answers all the questions and the four different stories don’t all focus on the same period of time.

This is the story of friendship between Dara and Abigail, it’s also about their relationships with family, with lovers and with their own selves.  The first section is told by Sean, Abigail’s lover. Abigail and Sean live in the upstairs and Dara downstairs of the house on fortune street. The second section is told by Dara’s father and is of course more about  him. The third section is told by Dara and the fourth section is told by Abigail. Dara’s suicide is the end point of each section, but not really the main focus. Each section is almost complete in itself but each sheds a light on the puzzle of friendship, of family and of love.

I ended up enjoying this novel even though I wasn’t particularly fond of any of the characters though with the different views of each character my opinions of them changed as I finished the book. It’s not a neatly wrapped up ending, but it was a well-told story.


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